Even thought we took a decision late 2017 to not fly any more for leisure, we still had two flights that was already booked that we decided to pursue. The first of these was a flight from Hanoi, northern Vietnam, to Phu Quoc, an island belonging to Vietnam but just outside the Kambodian coastline that we did in the end of 2017.

The second and last even planned flight was intended to be done this week, during the Tet (Chinese/Vietnamese New Year) holiday and with the goal to visit the Philippines and the island Coron in particular. However, the day before the flight we noticed that our temporary resident cards, something that you need to stay longer time in Vietnam, had gone missing. After about 10 man hours of going through our entire house 2 times, we gave up on finding these and left for the airport to see if we could somehow solve this by some means. However, Vietnamese authorities are extremely strict and we got the information that we could not leave or enter Vietnam without these cards, so we had to turn back.

While it felt bad to not be able to do this last trip, specifically since we were also meeting up with family at the location, it also feels a bit good to not have done the trip. We just hope that the seats got taken anyway even though we cancelled really last minute. As an alternative, we took the train two hours south from Hanoi to Ninh Binh, which is a really good alternative. To many look at doing the “quick” traveling by going to the airport. We have noticed that there is lots of great traveling to be done in Vietnam, both with day and night train as well as with bus. As long as you plan ahead, and use the night for traveling for longer trips, it works really well.